Long Days

Today was great; it was a long day, but a good one.

We were in Bradford today, a brilliant city with really nice (but strange) people. I know that a lot of people haven’t fundraised before and I’m going to be using some terminology in this (and future) posts:

Points – in fundraising you are not targetted on how much money you raise at all – it is an entirely points-based system. For example, 1 DD is 2 points, 1 text is 1 point.

DD – a Direct Debit; I do street fundraising and we aim to secure a long-term investment for the charity through the form of direct debits, which is why they’re worth more points.

Text – Another monthly donation; but an option with more control associated with it than a DD and usually more cost-effective for the donor.

Donor – the person agreeing to sign up for monthly donations.

Session – a segment of work; i.e. there are usually three sessions in a day with two half-hour breaks.

So, my weekly target is 12 points (6 DDs) and I managed to achieve 3 points in the very first session this morning which is better than I have ever done in a session. I was certain I was going to hit target that day which is 4 points a day (I work 3 days a week because I study alongside it) but, for whatever reason, I didn’t score again at all today. I attribute my success to beginning this blog, but it may also be the downfall. I focused too much today on adding a new post here because I was so excited to do so! However, I also think that I tried my absolute hardest today, so go figure.


Saturday night is date night and tonight we’re going to see the movie ‘Truth or Dare’ at the cinema, then we’re coming back for a nice relaxing night together. I’ve got a day off tomorrow but I’m hoping to spend it at the library finishing the presentation that I’ve got to do for Monday.

She’s promised me a surprise when we get back too, so I’m looking forward to that. The only thing I’m worried about is how I look because I’ve worked all day and not had the chance to get ready at all; it’s been hot and long but I don’t want that to ruin anything. I really appreciate the effort that we both put into prolonging date night.