Blank Canvass

Sometimes a blank Canvass isn’t as empty as it seems.

Sometimes the blank speaks words that the artist is too afraid to say – like a silence on a page between two lovers who know that their end is near.

A silence between someone very sick and their very best friend.

A stare into each other’s blank canvasses.

I have stared into the dark night sky and wondered on the wonders that it could possibly beqeauth my poor, sundress soul.

I have walked with spirits in my dreams, the spirits that haunt my heart in the most warm and loving way – like an offering for a hug from a long lost friend on a weary road.

I have seen Dan in my past, and looked for him in my future, but all I have seen is piss-poor regret having not seen him when I wanted to.

I have not seen a future without negativity; but at least there’s her in it.

Sometimes when she’s sad, it makes me sad which disappoints me when I’ve had a really good day. She’s never happy when I am.

Its something I must live with, because I love her very much – I don’t feel like I have to prove my love for her, I feel that she knows, which she should.

I just wish she could be happy, and that it’s something I could incite within her, like a spark to a flame – be the bellows to her forge. But I


Author: Richard Barton

Hopeful blogger and precarious poet: I try my best to take some good photos, too.

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