Is It Over?


Is happiness over? Do I really have to admit that, again, I am depressed?

Is this because of me doing bad at work, because I can never seem to make B happy, because I ignore her to play my games when realistically that is both what I want and the last thing I want, and both are for her and for me? Is it because I hate myself but not enough to do anything about it? Is it because I work for such a beautiful charity and despite that I can’t seem to do well enough to raise money for it?

Do I just miss Dan?

Every day. Every day I miss Dan. I miss everything him.

I feel alone, but I know I’m not, I know she’s there, I know she is, I love her, but I don’t feel like I’m there.

I wish I was happy.

I wish money was no object

I wish time was forever.

I wish I could live in the past and the present.

Author: Richard Barton

Hopeful blogger and precarious poet: I try my best to take some good photos, too.

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